Attitude Quotes and Shayari Collection in Hindi and English - Best Status Captions

  Attitude Quotes and Shayari Collection in Hindi and English - Best Status Captions

Woh shayari hi kya jisme attitude walli baat na ho?
Without attitude who can be cool right?

Attitude Quotes and Shayari: Below are some good collection of attitude quotes and attitude shayari in this post. 
Attitude Quotes and Shayari Collection in Hindi and English - Best Status Captions
Attitude Quotes and Shayari Collection in Hindi and English

 Hope you enjoy these attitude quotes in Hindi and English. 

Attitude Quotes | Attitude Shayari Collection in Hindi and English 

  Enjoy the attitude shayari in both Hindi and English.

attitude shayari 

Jo Dil Ko Acha Lagata Hai
Usi Ko Dost Kahata Hoon,
Munafa Dekhakar Rishton Ki
Siyaasat Main Nahi Karata

khatarnak attitude shayari

Dilon Se Khelana Hamen Bhi Aata Hai Par
Jis Khel Mein
Khilauna Toot Jae, Woh Khel Hamen Pasand

attitude quotes for instagram

Raz to Hamara Har Jagah Pe Hai.
Pasand Karane Walon Ke “Dil” Mein Aur
Naapasand Karane Walon Ke “Dimaag” Mein।

 इतना Attitude न दिखा जिंदगी में तख्दीर बदलती रहती है,
शीशा वही रहता है पर तस्वीर बदलती रहती है

दुश्मनो को सजा देने की एक तेहज़ीब है मेरी,
मैं हाथ नहीं उठाता बस नज़रों से गिरा देता हूँ

attitude quotes for facebook status

खुदा भी जहाँ आकर रुठ जाता है
साथी भी जहाँ आकर छूट जाता है।
इतने गुरुर-ए-हुस्न को देख कर
दिल तो क्या पत्थर भी टूट जाता है।।

Yadi Koi Vyakti Aapako #gussa Dilaane Me kamayab Hain,
To Samajh Lijiye Aap Usake Haath Ki Kathaputali Hain.

मुझे समझने के लिए, 
आपका समझदार होना जरूरी है

Attitude तो हम में भी बहुत है, पर हम रिश्तों की कदर करते है 

attitude shayari in hindi for love

तुम जलते रहोगे आग की तरह,
और हम खिलते रहेंगे गुलाब की तरह


attitude shayari in hindi facebook

मिजाज में थोड़ी सख्ती लाजमी है हज़ूर,
लोग पी जाते अगर समंदर खारा न होता 

love attitude quotes

 I didn't get anything I needed, however I got all that I required. 

Try not to pursue your fantasies, tail me.

Try not to be a slave in paradise. Be a ruler of hellfire.


attitude quotes in english

I'm a savvy individual, I simply do inept things.

Hustle until your haters inquire as to whether you're procuring. 

Try not to give counsel except if you are asked to. 

I know my identity, you have no compelling reason to clarify. 

Cerebrums are magnificent. I wish everyone had one.


positive attitude quotes for work


Refute them. Typical is Boring. 

At times I profess to be typical. Be that as it may, it gets exhausting so I return to being me. 

In the event that life give you lemons, squirt them in your adversary's eye.. 

Quiet is superior to horse crap. 

A few people just despise you on account of the manner in which other individuals cherish you.

I'm excessively bustling chipping away at my very own grass to see whether yours is greener.


attitude shayari in english


You left me hanging, so I'll leave you speculating. 

I simply couldn't care less in the event that anybody doesn't care for me I wasn't put on earth to engage everybody. 

The issue isn't the issue; the issue is your disposition about the issue.


my attitude shayari

Try not to befuddle my character and my frame of mind on the grounds that my character is ME and my disposition relies upon YOU.

Truly I am grinning however you are not the reason any longer.


attitude shayari

Loathed by many, needed by bounty, hated by a few, gone up against by none.

I'll be a very rich person once I'm finished developing this gadget that gives you a chance to punch individuals in the face over the Internet.

In the event that you quit lying about me, I'll quit coming clean about you.


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