Good Instagram Selfie Captions and Quotes: How and What to Caption a Selfie?


Selfie Captions for Instagram Photo: Do you need a great short selfie caption for your Instagram photo? I've compiled a list of unique and good Captions for your selfies to make it easier for you to take and share the next epic pic. Short and cute selfie captions make a big difference for any picture because they allow you to express your feelings about it in just a few words.

Good Instagram Selfie Captions and Quotes: How and What to Caption a Selfie?
Instagram Selfie Captions and Quotes


In the same way, writing a perfect Instagram captions can help you complete your Instagram photo. Some people often add an Instagram caption as a way to direct their targeted customers/ followers to their bio link, share selfie quotes, or enhance their social media engagement on their account.

In this blog post, you’ll find a list of cool Instagram captions ideas that you can right away use for your Instagram photos. You are free to copy-paste the ones that suits your photograph— whose impact can be seen by checking your Instagram analytics by comparing the difference in your posts’ performance from before.

P.S. If you want to learn on how to write Instagram captions, don’t forget to check out for our: The Complete Guide on How to Write Good Instagram Captions.

Best Instagram Selfie Captions and Selfie Quotes

Selfie Captions for Instagram: Selfies have become a common way for phones with front-facing cameras to express themselves. They are very common among people of all ages. You can take selfies at any time of day without having to rely on anyone else to do it for you. And to add captions to them, here is a list of great Instagram selfie captions for you to copy and paste for your profile. 

    Good Instagram Selfie Captions

    If you think you can do better, go ahead and do it.

    Don't underestimate me because that'll not be entertaining for you.

    When talent does not win the fight, hustle wins.

    The most genuine Playing for Keeps

    Walk in your own shoes.

    Don't care what others think; do what makes you happy.

    Funny Instagram Selfie Captions: What's a good caption for a selfie?

    Same errors, new look.

    Just a picture of me being a moron.

    Do you want to see my weapons?

    I didn't want the life of a thug. I was chosen by the thug life.

    Is he a good or bad boy? You make the call.

    Hello, I'm new here, and this is crazy!

    I want to be a classic in a world full of trends.

    Don't be fooled by my attractiveness.

    Please disregard my presence. I'm just flexing my muscles.


    Best Instagram Selfie Captions

    Today is another opportunity to get back on track.

    Success is not free, and it is particularly not for the lazy.

    I succeed rather than just live.

    I'm not sure which is more constricted, our jeans or our friendship.

    I definitely hit the bff jackpot. We're going to be really cool pals.

    He/she is always making me smile.

    For you, I'm such a fool.

    I wish you could be here.

    True friends should not pass judgement on one another... They both pass judgement on other people.

    Don't mind me, I'm just over here doing what I preach.

    You can take it or leave it...

    I'm better than I've ever been, and you're better than you've ever been.

    Clever Instagram Selfie Captions

    Since I don't have voicemail, you'll have to say it to my face.

    You'll never be ready, so just get started.

    Make yourself the hardest worker you meet.

    Every day, you must choose between the pain of restraint and the pain of regret.

    I don't see any team attempting to cross us.

    You can't do epic stuff with dull people.

    You're the guacamole to my toast.

    Friends who slay together remain together; we're like eyebrows.

    You're my favorite warning.

    If you're tired, do it that way.

    Instagram Selfie Captions Ideas

    Unconcerned for the troublemakers..

    True acknowledges real.

    Be the person you want to be, not the person people want to see you to be.

    Allow me to tell you about my best friend...

    My yin to my yang.

    I'm the peanut butter to your jelly.

    It is always easier to work together.

    What a hero!

    We've been friends for so long that I can't remember which of us is the negative influence.

    Modern feminism

    We age not by the number of years we have lived, but by the number of stories we have told.

    You cannot offend me because I do not respect your opinion.

    Badass Instagram Selfie Captions For Guys

    Get out there and experience some life.

    Life is more enjoyable when you are smiling.

    Be a speaker rather than an echo.

    When I say I'm not going to tell anybody, my best friend does not count.

    Except for us, no one ever likes us.

    We treat our friends as if they were relatives.

    I like you because you participate in my oddness.

    It's either ride or die for me.

    Friendship is about meeting people who are nuts like you.

    Get engrossed in what you like.

    When you're happy, your skin glows differently.

    Quotes For Instagram Selfie Captions

    I never dreamt of success, I worked for it -Estee Lauder

    If not now, then when? If not you, then who? -Hillel the Elder

    Success is maintained & achieved by those who try and keep trying -W. Clement Stone

    Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring -Steve Maraboli

    Success is nothing more than a few simple decisions practiced every day -Jim Rohn

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn -John C. Maxwell

    Top Unique Instagram Selfie Captions

    Don't just wish for it; work for it.

    Your only limitation is your own mind.

    Do whatever is good for your soul.

    Reduce the stress and enjoy the best that life has to offer.

    I don't have to blend in. I was created to STAND OUT!

    Take note of me, senpai!

    Weekend, please don't abandon me.

    Friday is my second favorite letter of the alphabet!

    Remember the broken crayons can still be used to draw.

    When people tell me, "You'll be sorry in the morning," I just sleep until noon. I know, I'm a problem solver.

    Great Instagram Selfie Captions

    If you want to travel, you must let go of all that is weighing you down.

    I'm preoccupied with my own potential.

    What is the best investment? You, on the other hand.

    Addiction to the sensation of having your shit together

    If karma does not strike you down, I would gladly do so.

    They make fun of me because I'm special, and I make fun of them because they're all the same.

    I don't always research, but when I do, I don't forget!

    The reality is that I'm madly in love with you. And everybody else will see it except you.

    We started at the bottom and worked our way up.

    I took these photos to divert my attention away from my extreme hunger.

    Savage Instagram Selfie Captions

    Development, no matter how slow, is growth.

    When, if not now, would it be?

    Check out what happens if you don't give up.

    Be brave enough to create your own life.

    Success is made up of 20% strategy and 80% attitude.

    Good Instagram Selfie Captions and Quotes: How and What to Caption a Selfie?
    Good Instagram Selfie Captions and Quotes: How and What to Caption a Selfie?

    Instagram Selfie Captions About Love

    I've been thinking about you ever since I saw you.

    We were meant to be together.

    You're the king, boy, and I'm your queen. Self-love is the best kind of love, and I'll never let you down.

    My more attractive half

    How fortunate I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so difficult.

    I'm available to you.

    You make my heart happy.

    It's either ride or die for me.

    Surround yourself with people who bring you joy.

    It will happen if it is meant to be.

    I'm still tired, but it's never because of you.

    Good Instagram Selfie Captions Song Lyrics

    "Even tough you-re fed up, you gotta keep your head up." – Tupac

    "Either you play the game or watch the game play you." – J.Cole

    "All you need is love.” ― John Lennon

    “You’re an expert at sorry and keeping the lines blurry.” ― Taylor Swift

    "Love is just a word but you bring it definition." – Eminem

    "Somewhere down the road might just meet up at the right time." – G-Eazy

    "They say good things come to those who wait. So ima be at least about an hour late." – Kanye West

    "To appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is." – J. Cole

    "People look at you and say you changed, as if you worked that hard to stay the same." – Jay Z

    Creative Instagram Selfie Captions

    I don't need your permission because I already have mine.

    A champion is someone who gets up even though he knows he can't.

    A year older, a year more daring

    Be a game changer; the world is already crowded with players.

    I've heard you're a bit of a jerk. I'm the coach, and it's a pleasure to meet you.

    I don't have an attitude problem; I just have an uncontrollable personality.

    Catchy Instagram Selfie Captions

    Believe in your selfie because it trusts in you.

    The gang life chose me, not the other way around.

    This is evidence that I can take better selfies than you.

    But first, please allow me to take a selfie.

    A selfie a day holds friends at bay.

    Who's the fairest of them all, selfie, selfie, on the wall?

    Ah, a perfectly composed selfie!

    Why, dear camera, can't you treat me as well as the mirror?

    Selfie perfection.

    It's amusing because it's real.

    Make a bad ass out of a decent ass!

    My dress isn't fine, but my life is.

    Is there ever a wrong time to take a selfie?

    Unique Instagram Selfie Captions

    How much do you want it?

    I will take you around the world.

    I don't always pose for selfies.

    I don't need your permission to be myself.

    She wanted my soul despite the fact that I had given her my spirit.

    I was born to be noticed.

    This is how I awoke.

    I'd rather joke with the sinners.

    I'll take care of myself.

    I am everything you want but cannot have.

    When you're laughing, everything is easier.

    You can be a self-starter.

    There will be no flowers if there is no rain.


    I'm just as lovely on the inside as I am on the outside.

    Find your wild side!

    You Just Have One Life!

    Life is far too short to waste on negative energy.

    I want a six-month vacation twice a year.

    I don't mind if you have crazy hair.

    When reality called, I hung up.

    A selfie a day helps to hold the emotional breakdown at bay.

    Instagram Selfie Captions Black And White

    Black and white are still visually interesting.

    #Blackheath, click on Love.

    Black and white isn't depressing; it's poetic.

    Color is everything, but black and white are even more so.

    Black and white are still fashionable.

    While life is in colour, black and white is more realistic.

    Black and white isn't depressing; it's poetic.

    My bed is a fantastical location. I suddenly recall everything I needed to do.

    Color is everything, but black and white are even more so.

    Life isn't really black and white. Occasionally, the ends justify the means.

    The world of chromatic phenomena throbs between black and white.

    It was all black and white in the beginning.

    Instagram Selfie Captions For Happy Mood

    The moment you decide to try to forget all of the things that burden you is the very moment you realize: Life is so easy!!

    Life is too short to be anything other than joyful.

    Most of the time, people are just as happy as they want to be.

    Nothing beats a sore tummy from too much laughter.

    Surprisingly, pleasure can be found in having both good health and a poor memory.

    When you accept that you don't really need happiness, you start to feel better.

    One of the most powerful ways to lift the spirits is to lift the spirits of others.

    Optimism attracts pleasure. Positivity attracts luck, positive vibes, and good people.

    The real secret to happiness is a profound love for the smallest details of life.

    Cute Short Instagram Selfie Captions

    I know you want me, and I know you want me.

    I like you, and you are aware of this.

    I adore you.

    I can make you insane if you don't have a driver's license.

    I'll carry you in my heart before I can carry you in my arms.

    I've been expecting you for a long time.

    If I'm wrong, kiss me, but dinosaurs still live, right?

    Let us be ourselves.

    My thoughts are occupied by you.

    May I feel you if I'm not feeling myself?

    May I give you a direct message right now?

    So far apart, yet yet so close.

    The heat is scorching, and so are you.

    We're both aware of what's going on between us.

    You've always got me.

    Pretty Instagram Selfie Captions For Girls

    Beauty never seeks to be seen.

    Braless is without flaws.

    50 percent savagery and 50 percent hotness

    It's as black as the devil, as hot as hell, as innocent as an angel, and as sweet as love.

    Take off your shyness and put on some red.

    Get up, work out, and look good.

    I am 99 percent angel, but that one percent...

    Be your own kind of lovely.

    Nothing beats a girl who knows how to assert herself.

    Darling, I'm a nightmare disguised as a daydream.

    Yes, I'm sexy, and I'm aware of it.

    Be the badass with the sexiest butt.

    Take a spin on my vigor.

    Love me or hate me, I'm going to shine.

    I'm not tiny, but I'm incredibly focused!

    Happiness cannot be purchased with money. However, it can be used to purchase Makeup!

    I appear to be normal at times. However, it becomes tedious. So I return to being.

    Popular Instagram Selfie Captions Among Teens

    Do whatever brings you the most joy.

    Some exquisite paths cannot be found without being disoriented.

    The only love is self-love.

    Why should I chase you when I'm the catch?

    Life is like photography in that we develop from negatives.

    So when someone falls in love, it's all fun and games.

    Things I used to trip over, I just walk over.

    Do not be afraid of your shadow; it is just a constant reminder that there is light all around you.

    She was as straightforward as quantum physics.

    Life isn't flawless, however your wardrobe can be.

    People would be staring. Make it worthwhile for them.

    Sometimes you just have to make your own sun.

    Instagram Selfie Captions With Hashtags


























    Instagram Selfie Captions For Photo With Friends

    Always better when we are all together.

    Group’s Secret models, be ready for more pics.

    You are my favourite thing besides chocolate.

    Love is lovely, but friendship is even more so.

    Every girl requires a male best friend.

    There is no such thing as an unintentional relationship.

    I adore my outlandish best friends.

    True friends make life easier.

    Friends transform into our chosen family!

    Live for the times that can't be expressed in words.

    Great Memories = Good Times + Crazy Friends!

    Life was supposed to be full of best friends and exciting adventures!

    I'm not sure what I did to merit a best friend like you.

    Meet my co-conspirator!

    Forever and ever.

    If it rains or shines.

    You are my ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

    You irritate me, but I enjoy it.

    Who is your best friend? No way. She's my younger sister.

    Life is too short, and we are too.

    You're my Betty to my Veronica's Veronica.

    It's much easier to work together.

    Good Instagram Selfie Captions and Quotes: How and What to Caption a Selfie?


    Friday Instagram Selfie Captions

    Don't worry too much about it; just do what you can.

    Rest when you're tired! Don't give up.

    Even the smallest step in the right direction turns out to be the most important step of your life. Have a wonderful Friday!
    Have a great weekend, lovely people.

    All you have to do is get out there and do it!

    Since I chose "Happiness" You must tell yourself, "No matter how hard it is or gets, I'm going to make it" Live, dream, love, and execute!!

    Since I desired to be work-aholic!

    What distinguishes us is how much we recover from adversity.

    Never apologize for being yourself.

    What a wonderful sensation it is to be alive! Life is wonderful.

    Sassy Instagram Selfie Captions

    You will develop as a result of your experiences.

    I'm suffering from a down syndrome.

    Pain gives me courage.

    I just returned with the ex 360.

    I'm sure I have everything you're looking for, but I'm afraid I'm not available.

    I live my life in a chic, never trashy manner, and with a dash of sass.

    I awoke this way; I was born beautiful.

    I'm on my way to the stars with the rest of them.

    Just because you didn't get enough sleep does not mean you should stop dreaming.

    Keep your cool and take some selfies.

    Let us wait and begin as strangers.

    When you're laughing, everything is easier.

    Life is far too short to waste on negative energy.

    Cute One Word Instagram Selfie Captions












































    Instagram Selfie Captions For Fall

    But fall is my favourite season.

    Harvest greetings and pumpkin kisses

    Autumn leaves and a cool breeze.

    I'm stressed, grateful, and fascinated with pumpkins.

    Sweater season goes well together.

    Happiness is like a hot beverage on a cold day.

    Fall is my excuse to eat pumpkin-flavored all.

    Keep calm and enjoy the fall season.

    I haven't tripped yet, but I'm in the fall.

    Autumn demonstrates how beautiful it is to let go.

    Autumn skies and pumpkin pies, oh my!

    The leaves are starting to fall. Autumn has called.

    October is my favorite month.

    You are the pumpkin spice in my autumn.

    Please, autumn leaves and pumpkins.

    I'm hanging out with the leaves.

    Simply call me a leaf thief.

    What do you think of those apples?

    We got lost in this cornfield.

    This witch enjoys wine.

    Positive Instagram Selfie Captions

    You can't compete if you don't compare.

    Moonchild like character.

    A true friend notices the first tear, catches the second, and holds back the third.

    Risking is preferable to regretting.

    Do more of the things that make you happy.

    Why pursue you when I'm the catch?

    99 percent delicious, except for that one percent.

    Chillin' like a bad guy.

    I'll fight until my last breath.

    Without guts, there is no glory.

    Be someone else's ray of sunshine. Today, be the reason someone smiles.

    Allow me to upgrade you.

    I'm not sure how you put up with me.

    I'm looking for a guy who understands my vibe.

    Thick thighs and lovely eyes

    Now it's on your phone, then it'll be in your dreams.

    Don't say anything unless you can improve the silence.

    Only dead fish follow the current.

    Live for the times that can't be expressed in words.

    Instagram Selfie Captions For Summer

    "Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." —Henry James

    "A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." —Robert Orben

    "Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August." —Jenny Han

    Paradise: tanned skin, salt in my hair, sand in my toes.

    Pies, burgers, and these gentlemen. *heart emoji* This just tickles my fancy.

    Yes, please!

    Capitulating to pier strain.

    The lime is being put in the coconut.

    You just need ice cream.

    I'm on the water!

    This summer, the only country I'll be visiting is my imagination.

    It's boat time!

    Once a year, I want a six-month vacation.

    The grill queen.

    Tropic as if it were wet!

    You're on the beach.

    Inspirational Instagram Selfie Captions

    My time has come.

    She dresses like it's summer and walks like it's storm.

    Since life is so short, make every hair flip count.

    Take a deep breath and inhale the future. Let go of the past.

    When you're laughing, everything is easier.

    You can be a self-starter.

    Make more of yourself and less of them.

    Be a Warrior rather than a Worrier.

    Maybe she was born with it...

    There will be no flowers if there is no rain.


    Home is a state of mind, not a physical place.

    It's not a phase, mom; it's just who I am.

    Yes, forgive. Never, ever forget.

    The greatest love is self-love.

    Life is amazing, so smile.

    I'm just as lovely on the inside as I am on the outside.

    Find your wild side!

    Make a wide smile and laugh a lot.

    I'm not sluggish; I'm just calm.

    Some days, you simply have to make your own sunshine.

    Instagram Selfie Captions With Rap Lyrics

    "Love me or hate me, i swear it won't make or break me." ― Lil Wayne "Love Me or Hate Me"

    "Sunglasses and advil, last night was mad real." -K.West

    "Find me where the wild things are." —Alessia Cara, "Wild Things"

    "If I was you, I'd wanna be me too." Meghan Trainor, "Me Too"

    "You could be the king but watch the queen conquer." – Nicki

    "Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage." —Rihanna, "Needed Me"

    "I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me." —Selena Gomez, "Who Says"

    "They say good things come to those who wait, so imma be at least an hour late." —Kanye West, "Start It Up"

    Baddie Instagram Selfie Captions

    Bitches enjoy being your mate before you outperform them.

    Since I broke it, you can score me from 0 to 10.

    Make them stop!!

    My girlishness has sharp teeth.

    I'm just keepin' the score up, and you can't even keep countin'.

    Screw it, let's just do it.

    Yes, indeed! I love the lip ring you're wearing!

    Life is beautiful... it is just what it should be.

    I'm like gold, I'm like a target... I've been selected, baby, and I'm floating.

    Selfie with no filter, level of confidence:

    Find out where the wild things are and lead me there.

    The skin is glowing, and the money is growing.

    Let's get right to the stage! Don't waste time!

    They just do it, they don't care, and I don't care either.

    Get a new woman if your current one isn't your biggest fan.

    Famous Instagram Selfie Captions

    When nothing goes right, turn left.

    I'm sending my selfie to NASA because search for 'STARS'!

    When you take a selfie that is so amazing that you can't believe it's you.

    People are staring at me strangely.

    She was as straightforward as quantum mechanics.

    After a long time, I finally took a selfie!

    A selfie every day holds your Facebook mates at bay.

    I'm sometimes in the mood for a selfie.

    In dreams, some objects seem to be really attractive.

    "I Tried" is the name of my hairstyle.

    Someday, somebody will look at you as if you are the best thing in the world.

    I'm just as lovely on the inside as I am on the outside.

    I have a lot of heart eyes for you.

    Today I'll be as ineffective as the g in lasagna.

    What should I Caption my selfie for guys?

    A gentleman is nothing more than a patient wolf.

    A mission without a strategy is nothing more than a wish.

    A good guy is like a four leaf clover: it's lucky to have one, but they're hard to come by.

    A man who does not exercise should not eat.

    A man who lacks courage will never taste glory.

    A man who lacks trust has nothing.

    A man who lacks bravery should wear a skirt.

    A true man guards and perseveres.

    A woman is what she is, but a man must become what he is.

    After a while, all you want to do is be with the person who makes you laugh.

    Don't mistake my kindness for a sign of weakness.

    Every man must produce something; consuming is reserved for women.

    Fresher than a mint-scented pillow.

    I'm not fine, but at the very least I know who I am.

    Christmas Instagram Selfie Captions

    Find yourself a nice Merry Christmas.

    Sweater Weather is Better When Exchanged together.

    Make this December one to remember.

    Sing Loud for Everyone to Hear is the Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer.

    Jingle Bells!!

    Merry Christmas, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho..

    Remain Calm and Have a Merry Christmas.

    Winter is on its way.

    It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.

    It's the time of year.

    Everything is quiet and bright.

    Christmas will always be as long as we stand together, heart to heart, hand in hand.

    A star above, a silent night, a blessed gift of hope and love.” Merry Christmas to you!

    Christmas is a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends, a day of sense and traditions.

    Quirky Instagram Selfie Captions: What should I Caption my Instagram selfie?

    I may be down to earth but in reality, I’m still above you all ;)

    Take a look in the mirror if you're looking for the one person that can change your life.

    It's time to create a door if you want opportunity to knock.

    Keep your chin high to prevent your crown from slipping.

    You should leave a little sparkle everywhere you go.

    Less perfection, more genuineness.

    Allow it to hurt, and then let it go.

    Live for the times that can't be expressed in words.

    Make peace with your shattered parts.

    One bad chapter does not mean the end of your novel.

    Oops is still preferable to what if.

    Seek respect rather than attention. It has a longer shelf life.

    Smile a little bit more, and regret a little bit less.

    I have no power over my selfies.

    I understand that appearances aren't anything, so I have them just in case.

    Birthday Instagram Selfie Captions: How do you say happy birthday to yourself on Instagram?

    Keep your inner child close as you get older.

    Hugs, kisses, and several happy returns of the day!

    Today is a special day for me because it is my birthday!

    Making my years count rather than counting the years

    I'm hoping the birthday cake is as tasty as I am.

    A queen was born on this day.

    I'm going to party like it's my birthday... because it is.

    I'm having my cake and wearing it as well.

    I discovered my birthday crown.

    Nature's way of asking us to eat more cake is on our birthdays.

    Another year has passed, and I am no wiser.

    Birthdays are only stepping stones on the path to old age.

    I'm so awesome that I was given a certificate when I was born.

    When the candles cost more than the cake, you know you're getting tired.

    Quotes For Instagram Selfie Captions: What are some good IG captions?

    Life without dreaming is a life without meaning. – Wale

    I’m an ordinary person but I’m paid. – Lil Boosie

    I used to let some people tell me how to love and what to be. – Ariana Grande, I Don’t Care

    Some men don’t dare to speak his name. – Neck Deep, Serpents

    All you need is love. ― John Lennon

    I think there is a song out there to describe just about any situation.  ― Criss Jami, Killosophy

    A chest filled with diamonds and gold.– Halsey, Control

    I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up, I’m not gonna, stop I’m gonna work harder. – Destiny’s Child, Survivor

    I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me. — Selena Gomez, Who Says

    I am not Jasmine, I am Aladdin. – Nicki Minaj

    Cool Instagram Selfie Captions: What should I caption a photo of myself?

    Make it easy but meaningful.

    Letting go would be the best decision you've ever made until you know you deserve more. By the way, I'm wearing the smile you gave me.

    Aim to Inspire until we die.

    Anything good is wild and open.

    long weekend adoration

    Be overjoyed by your blessings.

    Elegance is a timeless charm.

    City dust and wanderlust

    Allow me some breathing space.

    I'm your love and life. Caution: You can fall in love with me.

    Respect your adversaries.

    People are perplexed by your smile.

    These are the emotional seasons.

    This is how you break someone's heart.

    True men should not take selfies.

    With your eyes closed, life is easy.

    I am everything you want but cannot have.

    Amazing Instagram Selfie Captions: How do you write amazing captions?

    Honey-like sweetness

    On Sunday, Today is a good day.


    Pink is a lovely colour.

    Having things done with a messed-up bun

    Adorable but psycho

    City dust and wanderlust

    Everyone else is taken, so be yourself.

    There was no rain, so there were no flowers.

    You're a space without a roof, tfw.

    Continue to be gold

    I do something called 'What I want.'"

    I'm going to eye roll myself into another world someday.

    My mood is affected by how well my hair looks.

    People are whispering behind my back, and I'm just standing there like, "Wow, I've got a fan club!"

    Perhaps I'm made of sarcasm and bravado rather than sugar and spice.

    Instagram Selfie Captions for Rainy Day Season: What is the best caption for DP?

    Nobody wants to be unhappy, and no one wants to be in pain. But there can't be a rainbow without any rain.

    Allow the rain to wash away all of yesterday's misery.

    It's cuddle weather.

    A rainy day is a rare treat for readers.

    I enjoy drifting off to the sound of rain.

    Pay attention to the rhythm of the storm.

    Days that it rains. Good books and a hot cup of coffee.

    The question is not what you see, but what you look at.

    Keep your cool and enjoy rainy days.

    When it's raining, I like it when people smile.

    Many who believe that only the sun brings happiness have never danced in the rain.

    I didn't invent rainy days, I just have the perfect umbrella.

    Play in the puddles when life hands you a rainy day.

    I enjoy rainy days.

    Deep Instagram Selfie Captions

    Be truthful.

    Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

    There is no one better than you.

    Good people are not always beautiful, but beautiful people are always good.

    Beauty is not a state of appearance; it is a state of mind.

    Don't get too old.

    Consider the dilemma rather than the solution.

    Even the most beautiful person can experience some level of vulnerability.

    I still have feelings for you.

    I've discovered that time can cure almost everything.

    It does not change you if it does not challenge you.

    Simply be satisfied.

    When you're laughing, everything is easier.

    Life is not a puzzle to be solved, but rather a fact to be lived.

    It takes more love to say "I hate you" than it does to say "I love you."

    There is only one life.

    The more you read, the less you understand.

    Things left unsaid remain with us for the rest of our lives.

    You are not by yourself.

    You don't know much about my history.

    Instagram Selfie Captions For After Breakup: What do you caption a selfie after a break up?

    People fall in love and then leave; you never know when. It will all be well soon. You won't need them any longer.

    I will grow smarter, fitter, and stronger than I have ever been, and I will show you things you have never seen before.

    Although our relationship was over, there were more smiles than tears. So it was well worth it.

    Stop waiting for Friday, summer, someone to fall in love with you, or life to happen. Happiness is attained when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the present moment.

    You can feel like the most loved person one minute and garbage the next.

    We need to chat, baby. I've been thinking about us a lot, and it's just not working.

    Why can't you feel the same way about me?

    Allow the waves to fall, the sun to set, and the boy to depart.

    My heart just aches for you.

    It's extremely difficult.

    Allow yourself to be free.

    I despise it when we fight.

    Separated and devastated!!

    Is this what it means to be in love? Never weep for someone who doesn't understand the worth of your tears.

    Finally, cruel breakup!!

    Your time is far too important to be squandered on people who can't respect you for who you are and who don't give you the time you deserve.

    Since our hearts aren't in the same place, teach me how to break up with you gracefully.

    I hope you loved the post.
    If you have any suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments below.
    Have a nice day!!
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