OMG!! Check Out 😍🀩 These Most Requested Upgrades by iPad Lovers For 2022

iPad (2022) Most Demanded Upgrades Wishlist By Apple iPad Users

Apple iPad 2022 10th generation: The entry-level iPad by Apple is one of the most powerful devices in tablet segment in the same price range. Every year Apple comes comes up with tweaks and upgrades that makes iPad stand out compared to other devices.
Check Out These Most Requested Upgrades by iPad Lovers For 2022
Me, you and every other Apple product lovers have always some expectations following the latest leaks and rumours for the upcoming Apple product that we want to be fulfilled.

So, let's talk about some of these regarding the 10th gen iPad 2022 model. 

Maybe you also have something similar to these in this list. If you have something different then let me know in the comments below.

iPad 2022 Spec And Feature Upgrades That Are Requested By Many

1. Refreshed and modern look design

Let's start our wishlist with the looks of the current iPad. The entry-level iPad stands alone in its design language. While every other iPad in Apple’s current collection making the move to a more angular, industrial design that ditches the Home button for a more full-screen experience and enhanced user experience.

In short: Reduction in the bezel and a more modern look which ditches the home screen button.

2. True stereo speaker support : Recalibrating iPad speakers being 'STEREO'

It's not that the current iPad 10.2 (2021) doesn’t have good speakers, but unlike the iPad mini (2021) and the iPad Air 4, they don’t recalibrate based on the orientation of the tablet.

With one of those tablets then you’ll be getting the best from the speakers whether you use the slate in portrait or landscape orientation, but this is not the case here.
The current iPad 10.2in (2021) does technically have stereo speakers, but both are situated only at one end of the tablet unlike on the opposite sides.
This is a big difference to every other iPad in Apple’s collection, with speakers on top and bottom for a more expansive audio experience that recalibrates depending on the orientation of the tablet.

But this will only be possible with a redesign of the current iPad model, so let’s hope Apple’s about to make the move on the entry-level iPad. 
In short: Audio improvement that includes two speakers instead of one that the current iPad variant

3. Support for updated accessories

The current iPad 10.2 (2021) model supports the original Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, but it lacks support for the Apple Pencil 2nd generation and the Magic Keyboard, making it less good both for typing and sketching than it could potentially be – or than other Apple tablets are.
An upgraded design would be not only be nice visually, but more importantly, it’ll allow the entry-level iPad to offer support for newer, better and more recent Apple accessories like the second-gen Apple Pencil that magnetically attaches to the side of supported iPads, and if there’s a Smart Connection on the rear, it might even be able to use the Magic Keyboard.
Which could be really nice. Right?

Also supporting these above mentioned accessories shouldn’t be hard, and we wouldn’t think they’d add much if anything to Apple’s costs (probablyπŸ˜‘), so there’s really no reason to block the iPad 2022 off from them.
In short: Broader support for the latest Apple's iPad accessories, especially Apple Pencil 2 and keyboards

4. Face ID - We really miss it on current iPad 2021

Yes, we need it.
The lack of Face ID on the current iPad 10.2in (2021) isn’t overly surprising given that Apple currently reserves this tech for the iPad Pro range for now. 
It would be really great to see the Apple making it standard on iPads too.

We don’t particularly expect the new iPad 2022 to get Face ID, since it will presumably be last in line for it, with the iPad Air and iPad mini ranges likely to get it first, but it would be nice to see but no one can stop us in expecting upgrades from the Apple side.
In short: Inclusion of Face ID feature for keeping the device more secure and easy to access.

5. 128GB base size - Modern needs requires bigger spaces!!

With the currently available iPad 10.2 (2021) has already been upgraded with the base storage size from the good-for-nothing 32GB of the iPad 10.2 (2020), to a still rather small 64GB storage space.

We know that this is a budget slate, so the company wants to keep the cost down as much as possible, but 64GB is a just barely acceptable amount of storage in 2021, let alone in 2022.
The system and Apps already occupy a lot of space that there is a very little space available for storing other stuff like PDFs, Photos, Videos, etc. on the current iPad.
So we want to see the new iPad 2022 start with 128GB of storage variant, especially as there’s no microSD card slot for expanding storage.

In short: Enhanced storage size to 128 GB size.


Every year, Apple comes up with little tweaks in their products to enhance their user experience. But world is changing at a faster pace and the requirements of Apple product users is also increasing day by day. For this, we compiled this list of highly requested upgrades by people in the upcoming 2022 model of iPad. We hope to see atleast some of these (if not all) upgrades in the iPad 2022.

If you need to add something to this list, then let me know in the comments below.
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