WOW🤩🤩 iPad 2022 Specs Just Got Leaked! iPad 10th Generation 2022 Every Rumors So Far

The 2022 iPad Specs Just Leaked! iPad 10th Generation 2022 Rumors: Release Date, Pricing, Feature, Design, and More

Apple’s most affordable iPad has got some decent upgrades in past few years, and this June 2022, Apple just came with the new iPadOS. This has made everyone who is interested in Apple product about 'What has Apple got in the new tenth-gen iPad 10.2in?
iPad 2022 Specs Just Got Leaked! iPad 10th Generation 2022 Every Rumors So Far

We all recently heard many leaks about the new iPad for 2022. Well, here this blog post has everything compiled ALL LATEST LEAKS that is available on various authentic social media platform.
Let’s dig a little more into the leaks we have about this upcoming iPad.

New iPad (2022): Everything you need to know: iPad 10th Generation 2022 Rumors on Release Date, Specs, Pricing, New Feature, Design, and More

New iPad 2022:Many people are wondering whether they should go with the 9th gen ipad or should they wait for a little more time for the new 10th generation 10.2in ipad 2022.

The present available iPad 10.2in (2021) is no doubt, a great entry-level tablet, but Apple is quietly working away on the next-gen which may excite you. And, believe me, if rumors are true, everyone would see one of the most exciting and radical iPad updates in the past 10 years, with whispers detailing a potential redesign alongside other key upgrades at release later this year. 

Big iPad Leaks Say You Might Want To Wait Until September 2022 And Not Buying 9th Gen iPad

The upcoming new iPad for 2022 this year could bring about the biggest upgrade to Apple's line of entry-level tablets that we've seen in years, with various leaks pointing to big design and spec increases.

Here's what you can expect from the next generation entry-level iPad in 2022.

The range of iPads 10.2in are designed for people who don't need loads of processing power, huge screens or fancy features, but just need an easy-to-use low-cost slate that'll serve them well. The iPad 10.2 (2021) did just this last year, but we normally see this tablet line refreshed each passing year.

When will the new iPad 10.2in be released in 2022? iPad (2022) release date rumours

Apple has settled into a groove since the switch from the 9.7in iPad size to a larger screen 10.2in variant models. From past launches, you’ll see them being launched in September:

  • iPad 10.2in (9th gen): September 2021
  • iPad 10.2in (8th gen): September 2020
  • iPad 10.2in (7th gen): September 2019

We’ve no reason till now to believe that Apple will bring a change into this scheduling, as it fits nicely around its other products. So, if you’re waiting for the new 10.2in iPad then there is high possibility that it will be launched in the autumn/fall of 2022.
The latest available 9th-gen iPad was unveiled in front of the world on 14 September 2021, while the 8th- and 7th-gen iPads were released on 15 September 2020 and 12 September 2019 respectively. It seems that Apple prefers a yearly mid-September update for its entry-level iPad 10.2in.
But we can go a step further in our deduction because Apple tends to hold events on Tuesdays.

Applying that analogy to the next-gen iPad; the closest Tuesday to the previous reveal dates in 2022 is Tuesday 13 September 2022, with availability expected to be within a week or two of the announcement.
So, by this you can get a good idea of when to roughly expect the 10th-gen iPad. 👍

How much will the new iPad 10.2in cost? iPad (2022) pricing rumours

Talking about the price of the new ipad 10.2 2022, I would say (also you check in below lines) that it would be around the same like the previous ones, although the worldwide chip shortage, continued COVID disruptions to manufacturing and distribution and creeping rise of inflation in many countries could see a slight increase on the ticket price when the new device arrives.
These past years, Apple has been settling on its pricing strategy over the last few years, with the surprising trend of prices going down rather than up, as illustrated by the last few models pricing:

  • iPad 10.2in (9th gen) 64 gb: £319/$329/€329
  • iPad 10.2in (8th gen): £329/$329/€329
  • iPad 10.2in (7th gen): £349/$329/€349

What to expect from the next-gen iPad? ipad 2022 Specs Rumors

There are a few elements that are practically a given with every new iPad release that we have seen (and proved to be right) in the past ipad launches. Well, let's talk about these rumored ipad 2022 specs.

1. An updated design

SPOILER ALERT: There is a twist here.
(Earlier leak)Let's start with the first significant new iPad 2022 leak, pointed to having a 10.2-inch screen (like the previous 2021 model) and much the same design as its predecessor.
It means the physical home button would probably remain, along with its big bezels (I know, it hurts but you and me, we both dont own apple so we can only accept it😥). 
The latest report said the range won't be getting a redesign until 2023. So we probably have to wait for 11th generation ipads for a complete redesign.
There is a new leak ongoing over internet. Which is something like this...

As you know, the last radical design change in ipad came about with the release of the second iPad ever back in 2011.
But after 11 years of waiting, rumors suggest we could finally see a redesign in the last year ipad design to match that of the rest of Apple’s tablet range like ipad air and ipad pro models.
But are you curious where this leak came from?

The first whispers of this potential redesign talk come from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), which in a 2022 quarterly report, and it discusses future Apple products and the company’s entry-level tablet in particular.
According to the DSCC report, Apple is preparing to redesign the iPad with the angular edges and full-screen display similar to of its more premium ipad models.

Analyst (and author of the report) Ross Young took a step further on Twitter platform, suggesting that the 10.2in display will be different this year – but it isn't clear whether it’ll be bigger or smaller.
Considering previous launches of Apple iPad launches, our analogy suggests the former, but, this analogy also put the risk of affecting the sales of the premium 10.9in iPad Air model. 
Also, in a now-deleted tweet, leaker @Dylandkt claimed that this year’s model will retain the same overall design and 10.2in display as its predecessor, so the jury is still out on the potential redesign.

Now what happens will only be clear when Apple officially launches the new iPad. But, aside from screen size, let us talk about the leaks on iPad display.

2. iPad 2022 Display Latest Leaks

Additionally, separate 9to5Mac sources also highlights a shift in the display department of the current iPad models by claiming in a June 2022 report that the new iPad will “feature a Retina display of the same resolution as the iPad Air’s display” though sources didn’t detail whether this means a jump to the older 10.5in display, or the newer 10.9in display.

But wait!! Don't be happy yet.
The source does note that even if it’s 10.9in, the more modern display specs – like wide colour gamut and DCI-P3 support – will stay exclusive to the Air range. It's given because if they provided these in iPad 2022, then how will Apple sell iPad Air models?
Also, many inside leaks suggest that 2024 might be when Apple releases a tablet with an OLED display.
But my friend, this leak does not mean that the screen size will exceed the 10.2 of its predecessor, it only hints at the possibility of Apple making the new release full screen by limiting its bezel.
While there can be a leap in the screen size, we don’t think it will surpass the iPad Air, 10.9, unless and until the price shoots up like crazy.
So, the crux can be seen that as for the screen, there is no idea of what it might be, but one can almost be sure Apple won’t jilt the LCD in its new release.

3. USB-C port or Lightning Port? Budget iPad could finally dump Lightning and adopt USB-C

Apple iPad 10th-Generation to Feature USB Type-C, iPhone 12's A14 SoC: Report
The latest report also claims that Apple is moving towards on replacing the Lightning port with an upgraded USB-C port, with improved data transfer speeds and the ability to easily connect it to external displays. (This also supports our point no. 1 pointing towards a potential redesign of the overall tablet)

But let me clear that the source provided no detail on whether a full redesign is indeed on the way, but given the changes to the port and display, the chances are more and more likely.

In addition to this Ross Young has had a somewhat impeccable track record when it comes to Apple display predictions, and 9to5Mac’s sources correctly outlined the iPad Air refresh, it’s worth noting that the claim isn’t universally accepted among leakers.

4. What About the Camera? Minimal camera changes

Not much of a change in the camera department is expected this year, considering the current iPad (2021) has had quite the camera upgrade (in the front-facing department anyway.)
The rear-facing camera is a little more lackluster compared to other iPads models, as you already know, even on Apple’s top-end Pro model, the camera quality isn’t comparable to that of smartphones, so we’re not expecting big things on that front.
Unfortunately, Apple is not putting much emphasis on iPad’s cameras as it is doing with Apple's iPhones.
So the crux is that, since the current iPad witnessed a massive boost in its front camera, there may be little to expect in the new release.
Of course, this is not official yet, and we can be wrong. 

So, my camera lovers friends, pray for an upgrade in the camera segment of this year's iPad.👀

5. Upgraded chipset & connectivity

The current iPad 10.2 (2021) 9th generation runs on the A13 Bionic chipset, which the iPhone 11 uses.
If there’s any improvement (which will be because this is happening every year), it is expected that the next-generation iPad will have a upgrade to the A14 Bionic chipset, which iPhone 12 uses. 
It is expected to give the current iPad a 30% boost in performance which isn’t to be sniffed at, after all!
So, it can be said that one of the biggest changes to be seen on the next-gen iPad will likely be an upgraded Apple silicon chipset.
In fact it would be surprising if the new upcoming iPad 2022 didn't get the A14 Bionic chipset upgrade, given that it's a generation newer than the previous tablet's chip.

The same source also says to expect Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6, in addition to an A14 Bionic chipset upgrade.

Also, the 9to5Mac report also suggests that this could be the year where we will see the jump to 5G, with the entry-level iPad now one of few Apple devices – and the only tablet – still using 4G LTE connectivity medium.

Wrapping Up iPad 2022 Leaks and Rumours

September is just a few months away from today, and much of what now exists as rumors will either be confirmed or completely discarded at the Apple's launch event. As the days run into weeks and weeks into months, we expect to have more information on Apple’s plans for the upcoming next-generation iPad 2022 which will be definitely added to this list.
So, don't to come back and check on the list.
Well, check out this post where we have listed some of the most requested upgrades from the apple by its users: Apple most requested upgrades by their fans in iPad 10th generation 2022.
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